Hatha Yoga Classes

New Youtube Video

Crystal Arts And Health presents Hatha Yoga & The Chakra System with Cara E. Moore, BSYA (Crys.) (Herb.) (FMANF) Yoga Teaching (Hatha Yoga).  The various chakra systems are explained, as well as the crystals and Yoga asanas, along with benefits and contraindications associated with each Yoga asanas.  Hatha Yoga is about balance between the body, mind and the Self for Holistic Wellbeing for Auric & Physical body.

Local classes available in Swansea

Wear loose clothing; best not to practice on a full stomach.  Bring Yoga mat, blanket and water. (limited supplies available)  Registration is required.  Can book online at http://shop.crystalartsandhealth.org.uk   Please remember before starting any fitness class to consult your doctor if you have any concerns as a precaution.  Hope to see you at a class soon.  Namaste.  Cara Moore, BSYA, Yoga Teaching (Hatha Yoga)



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