Mantic Arts Workshop Journals and Illustrations

The Crystal Essence ® range of products is not available for purchase at the moment, as we will be relocating soon, but pdf downloads of books are available from the Crystal Arts And Health Facebook page and
I have also done illustrations for the Mantic Arts Workshop Series:
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Angel Ritual Workshop Journal facilitates working magically with your Angels for better health and wellbeing for yourself and for sharing with others.  Angel magic rituals are included for working with the seasons and for higher advanced rituals of aspecting Angel qualities with the help of your guardian angels and Archangel Watchtowers. Work with the Angel of Harmony and Love for better relationships with yourself and others, the Angel of Prosperity and Abundance for using resources for the highest good and the Angel of Courage and Protection for things seen and unseen.

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Dragon Magic Dragon Magic Workshop working with elemental dragons, Earth, Water, Fire and Air and how to work with a Dragon Mentor to become a Dragon Sorcerer. Spells for love, money, protection as well as weather witching with Air Dragons.  Illustrations of Dragons by author Cara E. Moore.  86 pages, Winzip pdf file.

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Magical Oils and Incense Workshop Journals

Magical Oils and Incense Workshop is a resource for making your own magical oils and incense for rituals and spell casting with the natural magical order of combining colours, days, elements, intentions and the planets.  This helps to bring about better magical workings with more healing and empowering results.  Sections on celebrating the Celtic Wheel of the Year Festivals are also included.  The author Cara E. Moore is a Crystal Healing and Herbalism Practitioner, Fellow in the Mantic Arts and Hatha Yoga Teacher. 122 pages, winzip of pdf file.

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Illustrations are available at and on products at

cover haven of danger

Haven of Danger takes place in New England and is about Richmond, Virginia based private investigator Nathan Vallor’s investigation of the death of Amos Thompson, an artist from a prominent family in New England and a friend of Vallor’s fiancee, Jillian Hudson. Amos’s mother wants to know more about her late son’s lifestyle and hires Vallor to investigate. Vallor soon finds out Mill Valley is not the idyllic town it appears to be and Amos’s sister, Verity, an antique dealer, has something to hide. Nathan is threatened, and brings in his back-up man, Hank, an ex-boxer, as he unravels the connecting web of intrigue that binds the villagers together in the trafficking of drugs.

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