Winter Solstice & Yule

Yule, Winter’s Solstice, 21st December 2014

The Ogham for the Winter’s Solstice is Pine, which symbolizes preparing for the path ahead and leading others. Mistletoe is harvested especially at this time of year and the leaves and twigs serve as a tonic and as an anti-spasmodic and nervine (berries are poisonous). The colours of Yule are Red, Green and White. Crystals Garnet (red) for protection and physical health, Jade (green) for protection, the heart and relationships and longevity and moonstone (white) for emotions and hormone balance are used at this time of year.  See poster below for the Moonstone crystal calming grid and the recipe for Wassail, a traditional Yule drink served warm and shared.  Yule is a time to prepare for the rebirth of Spring.  Air Dragon, good for clearing obstacles and for new ways of life and the Angel of Harmony & Love can now be purchased as instant downloads from the Etsy shop.

Yule Poster copy

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